Host a Gold & Silver Party

Earn cash in the comfort of your own home. The old style house parties are not as common anymore because no one wants to obligate their friends to buy things such as, Tupperware, makeup, candles, etc. With our Home Gold and Silver Buying Parties, your friends come and have fun, but most importantly they get rid of their old broken, and unwanted gold and silver jewelery and leave with cash. Invite your friends over for some fun, ask them to bring their old, broken, unwanted, and unused gold and silver jewelry or flatware. Set a place aside in your home so that we can provide them with one on one evaluations and payments for their items. We will take care of everything while you enjoy the company of your guests. Everyone leaves with cash and you earn a percentage of whatever we buy. Contact us now and set up a party with your friends and family. Find a location near you today, and talk with us about how to set up a party. We even provide the invitations and stamps.